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пара слов об отрицательной стороне шоубизнеса

One third of Chinese recreation and sports stars have health problems, a survey revealed on Sunday.

One third of them lack sleeping due to long-term pressure and have poorer immunity capabilities than ordinary people, the survey said.

The stars have more incidence of chronic diseases, said the survey conducted by Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) in Beijing, Shanghai and other 20 Chinese cities.

Among 186 actors, actresses and other performers as well as sports stars targeted in the survey, 46.5 percent of them have abnormal cardiogram, 43.5 percent have excessive blood fat and more than 37 percent are over weighted, it said.

About 33 percent of the surveyed males have prostate diseases and more than 46 percent females have mammary problems.

The survey has found that one third of the stars were often feeling tired and more than half of them frequently work double tides. And pressure of competition also caused them to have irregular diet, excessive smoking and alcohol.

"Every life is so vulnerable before death, everyone should take his or her health seriously," Doctor Han Xiaohong with the association said, citing the death of Hou Yaowen, a famous crosstalk star who suddenly died from heart attack last month.

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