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европейские женщины в китае, по утверждению археологов, жили еще 4 тысячи лет назад. об этом свидетельствуют обнаруженные в синцзяне мумии красоток европеоидного типа (которым, судя по фоткам, не в гробу лежать - а по подиуму ходить). похоронены они были со всеми почестями, посему жили явно не на положении наложниц или рабынь.

A 3,800-year-old female mummy discovered in 1980, one of the famed "Kroraina Beauties", is the oldest ever excavated at Xinjiang. Scientific research and testing has shown that the lady died when she was about 45. Currently, she is 1.57 meters tall and weights 10.1 kilograms. When she was discovered, she was in a typical earthen platform, with branches and reeds covered on the top of her tomb. She wore an aba, sheepskin and fur boots. Her brown hair is over 30 centimeters, contained in her pointed terai decorated with several feathers. She has the typical characteristics of a person of European descent: red and flexible skin, big eyes, deep eye sockets, a high and narrow nose bridge and a pointed jaw.


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