code_noname (code_noname) wrote,

I wrote a song

My punky inner self suddenly resurfaced and wrote a song.
I kind of liked it.


I walk down by the Tiananmen and then I see a girl.
She's sexy and she's beautiful and smells so good and all.
Then she stops by the bushes, drops her skirt and takes a dung.
驴粪蛋子 外面光
驴粪蛋子 外面光
I meet another beauty, she is playing in jazz band.
She's so sophisticated, very classy and high-end.
Then it turns out she's stupid, she just drums a fucking drum.
驴粪蛋子 外面光
驴粪蛋子 外面光
I meet a darling at the pub while I'm on drinking spree.
She's all the charms and jewelry and she flash her boob at me.
And then the cops are coming and she jumps in scare and run.
驴粪蛋子 外面光
驴粪蛋子 外面光

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