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мотаем на ус

鱼香肉丝 помимо прочего оказалось еще и замечательным инструментом соблазнения русских женщин, а также склонения оных ко браку. мотаем на ус, господа!

A Chongqing man won the heart of a beautiful Russian pianist, thanks to the help of a bit of home cooking.
Dubbed the "piano princess", Galina, 23, fell in love with Chinese musical student Wei Hefu in Russia two years ago after eating a Chinese dish he had prepared, reports the Chongqing Evening News.
The dish was yuxiang rousi, or fish-flavored pork threads, which is traditional Sichuan cuisine.
The couple tied the knot in Chongqing's Kaixian County early this month and held a traditional Chinese wedding.
Wearing a red wedding gown, Galina bowed to her parents-in-law and a number of friends and relatives at the wedding ceremony and told them her love story with Wei.
Born in a musical family in St Petersburg in Russia, Galina became the chief pianist at the Conservatory of Music of National Normal University two years ago.
Wei, 27, the son of teachers in Chongqing, studied singing in the university and became the lead singer of the school chorus, meaning the two crossed paths.
The two became friends, and this relationship blossomed into love when Wei invited his friends to have a dinner at his home six months ago.
Wearing an apron, Wei made several Chinese dishes in his kitchen, including the simple yuxiang rousi.
"The dish tasted very delicious and I was amazed that a Chinese man can make such good dish at home," Galina said.
In Russia, most men do not know how to cook and the kitchen is the domain of women, she said. However, Wei's cooking skills and gentle manner won her heart, she said. "He is a family-oriented man and is an ideal husband," Galina said.
Her mother is also fond of the future son-in-law after Galina brought Wei home for dinner. The mother encouraged her daughter to keep hold of him, saying "Wei is a good boy".
Wei brought his would-be bride back to China at the end of last year. They dashed to a nearby hotpot restaurant right after getting off the plane in Chongqing.
The Russian girl, who is accustomed to eating mild food, quickly adapted to hot and spicy food in Chongqing. She says she loves life in Chongqing, the people, the food, the shopping malls, and especially her "caring and responsible" husband.
Wei's parents, in their 50s, are happy to get a beautiful daughter-in-law and they have begun to learn Russian.

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