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Do you have what it takes to be a two sessions reporter?

The two sessions is enough to drive any reporter crazy. Here is our insider's glimpse of the battlefront and a reason to be grateful for the news, so easily accessible with a simple click. Or you could see it as a peek behind the scenes, in case you ever want to join this spectacular "war".

- Get used to waiting, and waiting, and waiting...with thousands of other reporters, in line forever.


- Or even wait several hours earlier in the freezing windy morning in hope of a better position later.


- Learn to use telescopes to spot NPC/CPPCC attendees you want to interview.


- Keep your reports balanced, even when literally balancing on a ladder.


- Know that your working environment will suck.


- Ruthlessly chase after the big names.


If you're still not scared off by now, you're good to go. But remember, you can never have too many skills when preparing for the two sessions. It is a WAR.

By China Daily

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