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Нереальнейший сюр

A suspect was detained for stealing from two police officers at China's landmark Tian'anmen Square in late July, the Beijing Times reported Wednesday.

According to the Beijing Procuratorate in Dongcheng District, the 47-year-old man surnamed Sun was at the square at 4 a.m. on July 22 to steal from people coming to watch the national flag ascending ceremony.

When he found his first target, he proceeded to unbutton the pants pockets of a man surnamed Zhao, who turned out to be a police officer who travelled to Beijing from Liaoning as a tourist.

Zhao was aware that Sun was robbing him so he told him, "You targeted the wrong guy because I'm the very cop who catches thieves." Sun denied he was doing anything wrong and the policeman did not have solid evidence, so after a while, the policeman let him go.

However, Sun's scheme didn't end there. He soon noticed a man with a pants pocket full of money. He sneaked to get close to the man and successfully stole a wad of bills. But the joyful moment didn't last long, as the victim discovered Sun and grabbed him. Sun threw the money into air, hoping to cause a chaos and get away with it, but unfortunately the man who captured him was also a policeman.

The second policeman came from Yunnan Province to Beijing to handle some cases. He went to the square to watch the flag ceremony in his free time.

Sun was finally taken away by tourists and other patrolling policemen in the square. Sun did not have a previous criminal record. He is from northeastern China and had no job.

Sun was detained after prosecutors issued an arrest warrant and his case is awaiting trial.


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