code_noname (code_noname) wrote,

сделайте из меня брэда питта, пожалуста

добропорядочный гражданин решил при помощи пластических хирургов сделать из своей суженой вторую фань бинбин. решено: с зарплаты сделаю так, чтоб моя подружка была похожа на чжоу сюнь...

A man brought a picture of actress Fan Bingbing to hospital and asked doctors to help make his girlfriend look more like her through a series of cosmetic surgeries in Hankou, Hubei, late last week.
The man, Guo Ming, took his girlfriend, Gao Ling, to the hospital for cosmetic surgery after many of Guo's friends commented at a party that Gao, 29, was not so beautiful. He told doctors he hoped they could make her look like Fan, his idol. Doctors suggested they think it over because the surgery will be very complicated.

фань бинбин в иллюстарциях:


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