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After 4 years of marriage virgin wife granted divorce
Updated: 2006-10-23 21:30

A local court in south China granted a divorce to a woman last Thursday who remained a virgin after four years of marriage.

Zhang Yan, a 24-year-old woman from rural Heng county of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, asked the court for a divorce last May after living with her husband's apparent sexual dysfunction since their wedding night, said the local Nanguo Morning Post.

Zhang Yan married Li Qiang in September 2002 and despite repeated invitations, Li refused to consummate their marriage.

"Li Qiang wraps himself (in blankets) every night. One night when I accidentally laid my arm on his body, he immediately threw my hand away." Zhang Yan told the court.

Zhang tried to talk to her mother-in-law, who said her son was just shy and asked her to be more aggressive. After numerous failed attempts, Zhang Yan gave up.

Zhang grew even more depressed when neighbors blamed her for not having a child. She left her community and traveled to Guangdong province in early 2005.

After her husband found her in Guangdong she asked for a divorce but ended up returning home after Li pleaded with her.

Back in the village nothing changed and the couple still did not have intercourse.

Zhang finally went to the local court in May and asked for a divorce.

A gynecological check-up at a local hospital showed Zhang was still a virgin.

Li Qiang defended himself in court saying he didn't want to have a child so early and that there was nothing wrong with his sex ability.

Li even provided a medical report which showed that his semen was normal although his virility was slightly below normal.

The court decided that Li Qiang's denial of his sex dysfunction lead to the marriage break-up and supported Zhang Yan's divorce request on October19.

More than 10 percent of divorce cases center on sexual dysfunction, said a judge with the court.

The Supreme People's Court has ruled that a sexual dysfunction that cannot be cured is proper grounds for divorce.

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