code_noname (code_noname) wrote,

Звездные войны отдыхают

Не, ну вы на них только посмотрите. Что во первом, что во втором ряду.
Джабба Хат и ребята, блин...


A scandal involving Chinese city officials having
sex with women hired by developers who secretly videotaped the trysts to
extort construction deals broadened Friday with state media announcing
10 more officials fired. The first, high-profile case ndal broke in
November when video clips went viral online of a 50-something official,
Lei Zhengfu, in the southwestern city of Chongqing in the throes of
passion. Images of his jowly, pop-eyed face became targets of derision
and disgust over government corruption. Lei was fired as Communist Party
chief of a Chongqing district. State media said Friday that 10 more
district- and county-level officials in the city's government, party
departments and state-owned enterprises who appeared in additional
videos have been fired. The expanding scandal comes as China's newly
installed leadership has vowed to crack down on rampant official
corruption that threatens the party's legitimacy. Even as China's new
Communist Party chief Xi Jinping has repeatedly pledged to strike hard
against graft, authorities have been faced with a steady stream of
bribery cases and other malfeasance. In recent weeks, Chinese audiences
have been riveted by revelations that some officials have amassed
multiple properties using duplicate or fake identities. Soaring real
estate prices have pushed home ownership out of reach for many Chinese,
so such scandals are especially infuriating to the public. Zhu Ruifeng,
the former journalist who released the first video, said at the time
that the woman, whose face is not visible in the screen grabs, was hired
by a construction company to sleep with Lei in return for construction
contracts. The company later tried to use the tape to extort more
business from Lei. Citing the city's anti-corruption committee, the
state-run Xinhua News agency described the developers behind the
extortion as a "criminal ring" and said the company had "hired women to
seduce local officials, covertly filmed their sexual acts and used the
videos as tools of extortion."


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