code_noname (code_noname) wrote,

Автомобильное счастье

Я не говорю, что я не покупаю машину из принципа. Я не борец за экологию, не радетель велоспорта и не автофоб. Просто влом и незачем. Я не злорадствую по поводу проблем автомобилистов, но мне их и не жалко их особо. 
Но статистику почитать всегда люблю.
A survey in Shanghai found that 83 percent of drivers in the city feel annoyed and depressed, and are prone to complaining and honking their car horns when they face traffic congestion. The survey by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the Chinese Hospital Association also find 36.3 percent of car owners suffered physical and psychological problems after they bought their vehicles, with symptoms like pains in the back and waist, weight gain, and frequent irritation.

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