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любители суши да возрадуются. их меню может значительно расшириться благодаря работе ученых, которые в 2006 году нашли в океанских глубинах много вкусного, но доселе не опробованного.

National Geographic has listed some of the most surprising sea animals discovered in 2006. The species, dubbed Promachoteuthis sloani, was caught along with around 50 other types of squid during trawls as deep as 3 kilometers (1.2 miles) by a Census of Marine Life team. This previously unknown squid was among 80,000 deep-sea organisms collected from the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a chain of undersea mountains halfway between Europe and North America.

Needle in a Haystack--Isopod. The isopod was found by a team surveying waters around Antarctica. Isopod crustaceans include both rare and abundant species. For census researchers, trying to sort out which is which can be like finding needles in a haystack.

Furry Crab. The "yeti crab," discovered on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, is so extraordinary that a new taxonomic family had to be invented for it

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