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Соломинка в депутатском глазе

Китайская пресса наехала на депутатов высших органов власти КНР за то, что те в своих выступлениях льют слишком много воды, в которой тонет вся конкретика.
Во многом это знаково для нынешних сессий ВСНП и ВК НПКСК: если раньше ворчание по поводу пустомельства народных избранников растекалось в основном в блогах и передавалось изустно, то теперь этот феномен перешел на уровень выше - в официальную прессу.
Только вот официальной китайской прессе прежде, чем критиковать депутатов, надо начать с себя... Читающие ее да поймут меня.
А пока - капля критики в адрес депутатской словоохотливости со страниц China Daily

By Cui Jia (China Daily)

As a reporter, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to attend almost all group discussion sessions at the National People's Congress, during which deputies discuss their proposals and air their opinions about issues that matter to the future of China. But sometimes I find the deputies' speeches are too general.

Every time I hear deputies say something like "I highly praise this year's work report and feel excited", I just cannot help wondering that why can't they get to the point quickly? What people want to hear are their suggestions and views, something pragmatic and in detail.

But not all deputies make such general comments.

"I didn't sleep well last night because I kept thinking about how to solve the problem of Urumqi's pollution," said Jerla Isamudinhe, mayor of the city, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. He then told me his new plan to bring more blue-sky days to the city.

He said one of the things he is most proud of is that since last year he has provided free breakfasts to all sanitation workers in the city.

"It sounds little, but improving people's livelihood comes down to those tiny things. Otherwise, it will become empty talk," he said.

Those words are sincere and constructive. Shouldn't deputies cut the bureaucratic talk and get straight down to business during discussions?

Even Vice-Premier Wang Qishan suggested deputies shouldn't report their previous performance and instead give constructive suggestions during group suggestions.

"Don't repeat what you said during previous discussions just for me," Wang was quoted as saying during a group discussion session with the Shandong delegation on March 9. He suggested deputies spend less time talking about achievements.

Instead of reading written materials, officials should learn to give speeches with confidence and engage with people. Some have already set good examples.

Zhang Chunxian, Party secretary of Xinjiang, was surrounded by more than 100 reporters when the Xinjiang delegation's group discussion session opened to the media on March 7. Many sensitive questions including challenges in fighting terrorism in the region were thrown at him. He answered reporters' questions one by one with no hesitation and dealt with the region's problems with a smile on his face.

Zhang's open attitude has always been welcomed by the media. I really wish there were more officials like him that could go straight to the point.

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