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Мальчиков вызывали?

Хороший маркетинговый ход предприняла сеть KFC в Китае. Доставлять еду на дом стали не вонючие-немытые гастарбайтеры, а лощеные мальчики-зайчики. В результате спрос на жареную курицу от полковника Сандерса со стороны прекрасной половины китайского человечества резко подскочил.

Довольные потребители делятся впечатлениями:

The buzz about the so-called "handsome delivery boy service" first stemmed from a blog posted by "bosnia_woshikaogong" on Sina Weibo on Feb. 1, in which she recounted her recent experience with a good-looking KFC deliveryman.

She ordered food on KFC official site and wrote down that she wanted a handsome man to deliver food to her, she wrote in the post.

She posted that, later, a "rangy handsome delivery boy with big eyes and white skin" had delivered her order. Furthermore, the blogger, who included a picture of her receipt on which her requirement of a handsome delivery boy printed, claimed that the branch called her 10 minutes after his arrival, "confirming 'is the delivery boy pretty, heh?'"

"The boy covered his face with his hands because of shyness and then stammered, 'Am... I... satisfying?"

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