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Комментарии к статье "На северо-востоке Китая открылся первый банк спермы" на сайте Чайна дейли. Наслаждайтесь...
My God. Jobs\'s sperm should be collected. But, he died.
Yao Ming's sperm should be collected and stored. I want to see the next generation Chinese youth as tall as is Yao Ming. Apart from that, sperms collected from scientist, intellectuals as well as brave soldiers should be stored.

But this sperm bank is not enough to make a stronger next generation Chinese race. White Caucasoid wombs should be hired and their eggs should be fertilized by such powerful Chinese sperms to make superior and perfect Chinese men, who will have Chinese-Caucasoid eyes, noses, jaw bones and hair.

Just imagine a mixture of Yao Ming and Britney Spears! Such a mixed race Chinese man will of majestic beauty and athletic talent. Now, China has money, she can buy so many white Caucasoid wombs to reproduce better Chinese men. A remote village should be turned into a laboratory where this genetic engineering project should be exercised. Only Chinese male babies should be produced there and those male babies should be trained patriotic nationalism since their birth. I guarantee, those Chinese men will conquer the hearts of all women across the globe and will lay their seeds in every field making the world look homogeneous where all people will cherish fraternal love, unity and peace.
Does Andy Liu like to be a donor?
95 percent from college student volunteers,can you image something?

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