code_noname (code_noname) wrote,

дождались! звездные войны, дамы и господа!

BEIJING, Dec. 11 (Xinhuanet) -- The United States may start development of an "orbital battle station," according to media reports Monday quoting website's articles.

The Bush administration is planning to ask the Congress for funding to begin development of the station that will be able to attack enemy missiles in their vulnerable boost phase, said website Pajamas Media on Dec. 3, 2006.

Each Battle Station would be a fairly large satellite that carries a number, perhaps 40 to 50, infrared guided "kill vehicles." On orders from the ground, the battle station would launch these kill vehicles, roughly about the size of a loaf of bread, at incoming missiles.

Everett Dolman of the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama said the space based systems are "the only viable option for global defense against the most likely threats, such as an attack by Iran against Israel or by Pakistan against India."


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