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Li Fu (assumed name), 37, of Yuanjiang, Yunnan Province, underwent surgery and had the knife successfully taken out of his brain on February 12. Li's condition is now steady, and he remains hospitalized in People's Hospital in Yuxi city, Yunnan Province, according to a report in Spring City Evening Tuesday.

The knife, which is 10 cm long, 1.8 cm wide, and 0.24 cm thick, was stuck in his brain for over four years.

Luo Zhiwei, head of the surgical department in the People's Hospital of Yuxi, claims it can be called medical miracle. The knife was almost intact, except for the breaks in the middle, when taken out from Li's brain.

In 2006, Li made his living by driving motors, and was stabbed during a robbery one day. Because of the limitations of local medical technology and equipment, the knife in his brain was not noticed. In the past four years, Li had been suffering from continuous headaches and serious oral inflammation, according to Li's brother.

On January 24, 2011, Li underwent an X-ray inspection and he was told of the knife in his skull. Li's family doubted the result, and decided to go to Yuxi for a more definite diagnosis. And, the existence of the knife in his brain was confirmed, which made the operation necessary.


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