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Учатся у предков

Residents in an affluent Zhejiang Province village came together to erect a seven meter high wall to stop burglars from breaking into their homes, Guangzhou Daily reported Monday.

The 500-meter long wall has a single entrance that requires a security card to open after 10 pm. So far, it appears that the wall is serving its intended purpose.

The residents of Kenzheng village in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, which is about 267 kilometers from Hangzhou, said they logged about 40 burglaries a year before the wall went up.

The wall, which cost 500,000 yuan ($75,850), was completed three weeks ago. The wall adjoins hills in three directions to seal in the 270 villagers in 76 families with a single door in the southern part of the wall, according to the report.

"There has not been a single burglary case in our village since the wall was built," Ruan Guolin, the director of the village committee, told the Global Times Monday.

The average annual salary of those villagers exceeded 20,000 yuan in 2010, much higher than the average 10,007 yuan in Zhejiang Province, and 4,869 yuan nationwide. Some 60 percent of the villagers live in villas and 40 percent own cars.

The number of crimes in the village included the theft of cell phones, laptops and other valuables, Ruan told the Global Times.

Ruan said villagers donated 70 percent of the total construction cost. The maximum was 22,880 yuan ($3,471) per household and the rest came from village finances, Ruan said.

"I feel safer than ever before since stranger cannot get through the gate after 10 pm," Wang Jiaqin, a three-time burglary victim, told the Global Times Monday. He donated 1,080 yuan ($163) to the project.

Some internet forums included comments expressing opposition to the village wall.

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