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Chinese publishers have recalled a collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales from the shelves of the children's section of mainland bookstores after mistakenly translating a pornographic reinterpretation of the stories by Japanese erotic fiction duo Kiryu-Misao, the South China Morning Post reported, citing state media. China Friendship Publishing and China Media Time pirated and translated the Japanese erotic versions of the works, believing they were the original stories. A China Media Time spokesperson said the company could not find the original German version, so it made do with the Japanese one. The stories include a reinterpretation of Snow White in which Snow White has sex with her father and all seven of the seven dwarves; when she dies, a necrophiliac prince falls in love with her corpse. The Chinese publishing houses did not credit Kiryu-Misao as authors. Bookstores were ordered to send back the copies of the work on December 2.

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