December 5th, 2006



Вчера гражданка КНР, которая совершенно равнодушно относится к религии, а храмы вообще не переносит, на полном серьезе на меня обиделась, когда я простодушно заявил, что мне совершенно насрать на католическое рождество, и что я буду праздновать наше православное. В толк не возьму, ей-то какое дело?
Сегодня залез на Синьхуа - там на полном серьезе говорится, что Китаю неплохо бы сменить национальный символ - дракона - на какой нибудь другой... ПРЕВЕД, ПАНДОЧГА!


BEIJING, Dec. 4 -- Regarded as a national symbol for thousands of years, the dragon may not be a suitable symbol for the image of China anymore, according to a report of Shanghai Morning Post on Monday.

Professor Wu Youfu, deputy president of the Shanghai Public Relations Association, said dragon is seen as a symbol of arbitrariness and offensiveness to some extent in western cultures. The bias from westerners who know little about China's culture may lead to a negative effect on the country.

At the same time, Wu Youfu and his group are designing a new Chinese symbol based on positive Chinese characteristics. It is expected to show the country's geographic and cultural varieties and mingle traditionally humane philosophic theories with modern ideas.

He said the new symbol should visualize the Chinese people's wishes for harmony and happiness, which are represented in some art works such as the painting of "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival." The work of art vividly depicts the bustling everday life in the Northern Song capital of Bianliang (present-day Kaifeng) in extensive detail.

However, the report did not include a specific description and a rough timetable of the new symbol.

The project is on file at the Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Shanghai.

Sources say when finished, the new brand image may be adopted by some governmental departments.

The proposal to replace the dragon as China's image promptly triggered disagreement from some Internet users.

They argue the dragon is a kind of mysterious and saintly animal, not a monster presenting arbitrariness. The dragon culture from many generations is undeniable.
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Легкая печатная эротика нравится всем. Правда, в каждой культуре эротические журналы по-разному оформляются. В Америке листают "Плэйбой", в России почитывают "Медведь", а вот в Китае замечательный эротический журнал назвали просто и без обиняков - "ГосСекс". Я валялся... :)