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Исламские интернет-террористы базируются в России?

В минувшую субботу атаке хакеров подвергся официальный сайт администрации Специального административного района КНР Аомэнь.
11,30 КБ
Вот, что пишут по этому поводу региональные издания:

Lasting for at least four hours the online government directory page, which usually lists department and agency contact details, and is linked with the government's web portal, displayed an emblem of a rose and crescent moon with the inscription "We Love Mohammed".

The black page included the text: "Hacked by a13M, The Freedom Warriors" and "Greetz (greetings)" to a series of names which according to a number of internet sites also have a history of hacking.

И далее:

The hacked directory page, according to Mr Wan, indicated that the alleged intruder was unlikely malicious rather wanting to signal to the administrator that their website had poor security.

He said that a large number of hackers worked out of Russia and usually stole credit cards information and to sell domestically.

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